Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center Playground - Main Street - Buzzards Bay - Cape Cod

Bourne Community Play Area

Slides Bourne Playground

Bourne Community Playground

Picnic Area Bourne Playground

Basketball Court Buzzards Bay

Bourne Community Center Sign

Skateboard Park Bourne

Nice, colorful, modern playground. Rubberized surface. Many different activities, slides. Skate board park, basketball courts, ball field. Nice picnic tables, ample easy parking with convenient location in Buzzards Bay. Fly-ball netting helps protect playground some from sun also.

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Bourne Inclusive Playground - Main Street - Buzzards Bay - Cape Cod

 Bourne Inclusive Play Ground

Bourne Inclusive Play Area

Canal Crossways Path

Music Activities Bourne Inclusive

Chair Press Bourne Inclusive
Zip Line Bourne Inclusive

Canal Crossways Sign

Relaxing woodland setting. New playground with rubberized surface. Designed for access for all children including those in wheelchairs or with disabilities. Sway Fun glider with wheelchair access. Zip lines. Numerous musical activities (bells, drums, xylophone). Exercise equipment for adults includes stairmaster and chair press. Convenient location in Buzzards Bay. Small parking area, short walk to playground from parking. An easy, very short path past playground continues to views of the Cape Cod Canal.

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Sea View Park - Lower County Road - Dennis Port - Cape Cod

Play Area Sea View Recreation Area

Sea View Dennis Port

Sea View Playground

Dennis Port Play Area

Picnic Area Sea View Dennis

Nice playground with many activities and plenty of space, great for younger kids. Wood chip base. Pleasant park area near community gardens. Walking path to ocean.  Several picnic tables and benches.  Plenty of easy parking.

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Village Science Playground - Mullen School - Main Street - Falmouth - Cape Cod

A fantastic play area right off Main Street in Falmouth at the Mullen School, across from Public Library. Wood chip base.  Modern composite material resembles wood. Emphasizes the natural and nautical history of the area.  Many climbing, hiding and playing areas; benches for parents.  A great convenient playground - built with community support.  

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Adventure Playground - Quaker Meetinghouse Road - Sandwich - Cape Cod

Adventure Play Area Slides

Adventure Playground Sandwich Play Area

Adventure Playground Digging Toys

Adventure Playground Sandwich Toddler Play Area

Adventure Playground Sandwich Picnic Area

Adventure Playground Toddler Area

A great play area just a mile south of Route 6 at Exit 3.  A perfect stop before crossing the bridge.  Great place for walking along access road.  Play areas for toddlers and for older kids.  Sand digging tools.  Swings for both ages.  Rubber mat, wood chips, and sand.  (Not to be confused with Adventure Park, a private area at another location in Sandwich.)

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Eddy Elementary School - Route 6a - Brewster - Cape Cod

Eddy Elementary Climbing Toys

Eddy Elementary Glider

Eddy Elementary Slides

Eddy Elementary Playing Courts

Eddy Elementary Playground

Eddy Elementary Soccer Fields

Eddy Elementary Swingset

Popular spot.   Good parking.  Convenient location near Brewster center.  Playing fields.  Basketball and playing court.  Plenty of seating for parents.  New playground equipment and surface.  Many interesting different areas.  

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Hyannis West Elementary School Playground - West Main Street - Hyannis - Cape Cod

Hyannis West Elementary School Playground

Hyannis West Elementary Slides

Hyannis West Play Area

Hyannis West Playground

Slide Hyannis West Elementary School

Gas Station Play Area Hyannis West Elementary

Convenient location when visiting Hyannis, on Old Craigville Road off West Main Street. Attractive, new play area. Colorful, bright design. Many unique playthings. Sandbox. Gas station play area. Playing fields. Green rubber surface with play road. Sunny spot.

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Wixon Innovation School - Route 134 - South Dennis - Cape Cod

Wixon Climbing Area

Wixon School Horizontal Bar

Wixon School Climbing Wall

Wixon School Play Area

Wixon Accessible Playground

  Wixon School Playground

Wixon School Playing Field

Park in the school lot to the left of the school.  Access playground by sidewalk up the small hill in front of the school. Track and soccer field on hill in front of school.  Many playing fields, baseball and soccer, are adjacent to the parking area. This excellent playground was just upgraded in 2015 and is designed for children 5-12 years of age. This is a spacious area with many playing options. There are many unique climbing areas, a slide, and accessible areas as well.  New Rubber surface.  Plenty of shade for parents.  Some benches for parents.